Snow White and the Huntsman is a movie that doesn’t need to be as complicated as it was, a movie about a fairy tale we’ve all heard a hundred times isn’t really necessary but for some reason it got made.  Let me start of with the first mistake, Kristen Stewart, she should never have been cast as Snow White, for one thing she doesn’t emote but the main reason is the Evil Queen’s main desire is to be the fairest of them all, well why would she be concerned if Kristen Stewart is a threat.  She can’t even hold a candle to Charlize, Kristen’s not an ugly girl but come on.  And, that right there took me out of the movie, how can I believe that Kristen can kill Charlize’s beauty when she can’t even compete.  The running time was also a problem, why was it necessary to have this run over two hours?  So many cut-aways that looked cool but did not pertain at all to the main plot, yes it was cool seeing Charlize take a milk bath but what did that have to do with anything.

Now, onto the things it did right.  Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, both were stellar in their roles.  The huntsman was brooding and quiet but also conflicted, the evil queen was deliciously evil and strikingly gorgeous, both of them were cast perfectly.  The special effects were off the chain, everything looked so cool and well-done, I just wish there was some deeper meaning behind the shallow digitized world.  The whole point of the story was to believe that good wins over evil and we can all believe in true love, but the movie made me question the new fad of reinventing the wheel.  There was nothing wrong with Snow White so next time don’t add Kristen Stewart and fight scenes to a perfectly fine fairy tale.

7 out of 10 mirrors on the wall.