Monthly Archives: September 2012

I did a list of books, about three months ago.  Sorry, it’s been so long since posting, I thought to get everything up and going I’m gonna bring back my favorites before I start reviewing new movies.  These are in no particular order because I love them all equally.

Greatest high school movie ever, Winona will always be one of my favorite actresses.  Her performance in this film is dark and perfect like her.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie, The Bride is all you need to know.  Uma is perfection and I don’t think I could be friends with someone who hated these films.

Zach and Natalie.  If you can’t spot the trend, I love movies mostly because of their actors. Storylines are good but special effects mean nothing, I just want to see Natalie and Zach grow before my eyes.  This movie shaped my high school years and it shaped a lot of what I think now.  Life isn’t about getting from point A to point B or even moving along, it’s about finding someone to share the adventure with.

Simply one of the funniest movies ever made, vastly unrecognized but superbly written with biting social commentary.

Inception had some pretty mixed reviews, people either love it or don’t.  I absolutely love it, it has everything: Leo, JGL, Ellen, Marion, twisty plot and Nolan directing.

Grey Gardens was never released in theaters but I still love it so much, Jessica Lange is the greatest but Drew Barrymore was perfection as Edie.