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Every summer I have a certain playlist or cd I listen to non-stop, last year it was Born This Way and that was all.  Since this summer doesn’t have any sparkly new releases from superstars, I’ve decided to make a playlist of all my favorites and this post is dedicated to that playlist and why I chose each song and why they’ll be massive this summer.

1.  Calvin Harris’ remix of Florence’s “Spectrum” – All you need to know about this is that it’s phenomenal, Florence’s soaring vocal mixed with Calvin’s production makes me wish for an all dance album from Florence.

2.  Liquorice- Azealia banks  —  Banks is a force to be reckoned with, she’s like Nicki sped up, she plays with dance and rap like Twista.  It takes about twenty listens to understand what she’s saying but her wordplay, humor and profanity are why I love her.  And also the video rocks.

3. Call My Name-Cheryl Cole — I love Calvin Harris and this might be his best song, overshadows We Found Love and most of his own songs.  Already a smash in the UK, it’s too bad she decided not to take this to the states, it would smash everything.

4.  Lights-Ellie Goulding — This song came out two years ago so America is late to the party, but there’s no reason they can’t enjoy her phenomenal voice and pure pop-dance production.

5.  Where Have You Been- Rihanna — Calvin Harris again, his joints are going to rule the summer, this is Rihanna’s best song and I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted longer than We Found Love at number one.

6.  Only the Horses-Scissor Sisters — Calvin Harris made this song but it’s a pure Scissor Sisters production.  It’s campy, disco, and features falsetto and the end of the world, everything I love about them fine tuned by Harris.

7.  National Anthem-Lana Del Rey — She’s taken over most of my year, she’s my OBSESSION.  I love everything about and everything she does, but this song is pure Summer-pool-party jam, and the just released video is everything you could want.

8.  Titanium-David Guetta & Sia — Sia has been breaking out this year, following her success with Flo Rida, David Guetta finally released this song as a single and it was so worth it.  American audiences will eat this up, it’s everything one wants for summer parties, with a massive build up and a killer beat.  I think Sia might have her first American #1.

9.  Pound the Alarm-Nicki Minaj — Speaking of David Guetta… Nicki worked with him and released one of her most successful singles (Turn me on) so no wonder half of her new album is pop, with this one being the best pop song on it, so expect to hear this everywhere in about a month.

10.  Never Will Be Mine- Rye Rye f. Robyn — This song will probably never be big, which is sort of depressing, people want a perfect pop song, well look no farther.  Robyn sings a perfect chorus and Rye Rye shows why M.I.A. would give a pregnant rapper a chance.  She should go somewhere and I hope she does but until then I’ll be enjoying this song and playing it for everyone I can.


10.  The Things They Carried- Tim O’Brien

I had to read it for an American Lit class and ended up loving it, equal parts disturbing, enchanting, factual and fictional.




9.  One Hundred Years of Solitude-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Longest book on my list, but so worth it.  One of the greats, shaped my reading and writing habits.  So surreal yet very very real.

8.  Good Morning, Midnight- Jean Rhys

No words can describe this book and what exactly it does to get under your skin.  You can never understand the character and you can never understand why you can’t wash the filth away.  Something about the book is primal and unclean.

7.  The Martian Chronicles- Ray Bradbury

I read this in 8th grade, it was phenomenal to an adolescent boy.  Everything on Mars seems like here but is so different much like life on TV is so different then how life is, as a boy I related to the martians more than the earthling.

6.  Brave New World- Aldous Huxley

A lot of people like to compare this book and Orwell’s 1984, I understand why but I think people miss the point then.  It’s not about how the future will be and how they differed but more on a reader’s personality.  I tend to favor Brave New World just because it shows human nature at it’s core, selfish.

5. Slaughterhouse-Five- Kurt Vonnegut

My favorite author and his best work.  No brainer.  If you haven’t read it, read it now.

4.  The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde

One of the classics and one of the greats human study novels.  This one concentrates on vanity and humans, specifically men (gay men if you read it in college).  What if you could never age?  What would you pay for that?

3.  The Catcher in the Rye- J.D. Salinger

Most people have to read it in high school, I never did and I’m thankful because I got to enjoy it at my own pace and not be forced to read it.  It could be a beating with the right teacher.  Holden will always be an idol of mine, he saw the world through a different prospective that I can still relate to.

2.  The Hours- Micheal Cunningham

My favorite contemporary novel, his writing is phenomenal and all of his characters are fleshed out humans that you could pass on a street.  Very moving, and one of the few movie/book combos that actual equal each other.


1.  The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

It was always one of my favorite books but only after the third time I read it did it really sneak into first.  It’s so artful and perfect and I just love it unconditionally, I live by the book.  It will always be the greatest American novel, not because of Fitzgerald or because it shows the 20’s perfectly, but because it shows every period in America.  People don’t change, they always strive to be better and always hurt people.  Karma always comes back around and there will always be Gatsby’s and Daisy’s.

Welcome back, Real Housewives of New York City.  Last time I saw you, there were three different faces and three different housewives. Good lord, every single member of the cast has had at least one facelift and intensive botox since the last season.  I don’t even think Sonja can smile anymore.  Just to catch everyone up, Bravo dumped four housewives last season, Alex (crazy husband), Kelly (crazy everything), Jill (crazy Jewish mother), and what’s-her-name (crazy boring).  They then added three new housewives and since I’m too lazy to wikipedia them I will refer to them as Fake-leg, Fast-talker, and What-do-you-bring-to-the-table (or WDYBTTT for short).  Fake-leg may or may not be related to Fran Drescher but her slutty ex-husband is related to almost every housewife, Fast-talker talked a lot about death and is already a mini-less-drunk Ramona, WDYBTTT did nothing besides admit she didn’t know the Kardashians and look vaguely familiar.  Thank god for crazy Ramona and Sonja who bring the party every time, I don’t care how you feel about Ramona and her drunkiness, catiness and dramaness but the bitch brings it every season.  Sonja, with her wide legs, has already injected the season with drama by maybe sleeping with Fake-leg’s ex, SCORE.  I will admit I did kind of miss Brooklyn and her creepy husband but as the Countess would say “C’est la vie, c’est bon, c’est bon.” (also how weird was it the Fake-leg and Countess talked in French for like a whole minute, please bitch, you just met.)

The season started off with a party at Sonja’s, where Fake-leg was upset for some reason that no one could fathom besides her.  Sonja reassured her that she had known her ex for many years and he was always comforted by her, I get a Madison Avenue hooker vibe from that.  We then had to wade through the next hour of awkward introductions and back stories, Fake-leg lost her leg in a childhood accident and has four children, Fast-talker makes spandex things and knows Beyonce, WDYBTTT wrote a book about her husband dying and now wants to get laid in her fuck-me dress ( I did not realize she was a housewife until the end, I was hoping it was a Dana-Beverly Hills situation).

I sort of got the feeling that the ‘Businesswomens’ lunch’ that Ramona was attending was really one-sided, Fast-talker thought she was ridiculous, which she is, but she still played nice.  It wasn’t until they started one-upping each other with stories about how their babies almost died that I was on-board with this season.  Ramona will teach you the ways of crazy, young padawan.  Sonja and Fake-leg bonded over pedicures where Sonja learned the hard truth, if you lose your leg you’ll have to pay extra for a mani/pedi.  Flat fake feet need love too.

While Sonja was pretending to not gag at Fake-leg, Fast-talker made an ass of herself by talking fast over Ramona and her husband and then acting like it was their fault.  Mini-Ramona meet mom, she’s like you but drunker.  This all cultivated into WDYBTTT still not bringing anything to the table and a tense outside lunch between the newbies and Countess, it felt like one of the episodes of Degrassi where the old cast member would drop a drama bomb and the new cast would talk about how dramatic that all is and then get involved.  “We’ll never become mean girls,” says one of the faceless three.  Too bad Fast-talker is almost there, this season shall be known as Mean Girls 3: Middle Age Attack.

4 out of 5 empty glasses of Pinot Grigio

Snow White and the Huntsman is a movie that doesn’t need to be as complicated as it was, a movie about a fairy tale we’ve all heard a hundred times isn’t really necessary but for some reason it got made.  Let me start of with the first mistake, Kristen Stewart, she should never have been cast as Snow White, for one thing she doesn’t emote but the main reason is the Evil Queen’s main desire is to be the fairest of them all, well why would she be concerned if Kristen Stewart is a threat.  She can’t even hold a candle to Charlize, Kristen’s not an ugly girl but come on.  And, that right there took me out of the movie, how can I believe that Kristen can kill Charlize’s beauty when she can’t even compete.  The running time was also a problem, why was it necessary to have this run over two hours?  So many cut-aways that looked cool but did not pertain at all to the main plot, yes it was cool seeing Charlize take a milk bath but what did that have to do with anything.

Now, onto the things it did right.  Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, both were stellar in their roles.  The huntsman was brooding and quiet but also conflicted, the evil queen was deliciously evil and strikingly gorgeous, both of them were cast perfectly.  The special effects were off the chain, everything looked so cool and well-done, I just wish there was some deeper meaning behind the shallow digitized world.  The whole point of the story was to believe that good wins over evil and we can all believe in true love, but the movie made me question the new fad of reinventing the wheel.  There was nothing wrong with Snow White so next time don’t add Kristen Stewart and fight scenes to a perfectly fine fairy tale.

7 out of 10 mirrors on the wall.