Tv Revelation: GCB (series?) finale

So, I found a little show called GCB.  Not really that little but still, I thought it would be the little engine that could but alas it couldn’t and I’m now faced with the decision to watch the season/series finale or to skip it and not watch the cliffhangers that may never be resolved.  I decided to watch it and it ended up making me sad, the show started off so bland and cliche so I gave it three episodes and I ended up loving it. However, the middle of the season got lackluster and I was about to write it off until the last three episodes picked up.  The girls bonded, which is why the show didn’t work, Dallas is still a great joke and I like juicy bombs like Rip having a daughter and a sexy priest with sexual tension.  I thoroughly enjoyed this last episode, so good luck Cheno and Wendy Williams.  Save my favorite new show.  5/5


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