Two Weeks – FKA Twigs

For me, July is more of a slow burn because now you’re stuck in the middle of a hot & sticky summer so I chose slow burners this time around (well mostly). FKA Twigs is spectacular, all I can really compare her to is Solange and Jhene Aiko, but she’s much cooler than all her peers. Her music video shows that, inspired by Queen of the Damned there’s no other music video quite like it.


Boom Clap – Charli XCX

Soundtracks are the comeback kid of 2014. Frozen is the biggest selling album of the year and now we have the second song from a soundtrack (The Fault In Our Stars) to be big hit. I really wish Charli XCX could’ve had a hit from her excellent EP’s but Boom Clap is a great 80’s throwback that hits the sweet spot. She’s excellent and let’s make this the summer of Charli.


Shower – Becky G

And now we come to the “Call Me Maybe” of 2014.  A young, Latina rap wonder-kid, Becky G has been featured with Ke$ha, Pitbull, J. Lo, 2 Chainz, etc. so it’s only natural that should would get a chance to shine on her own.  Shower gives her that opportunity with a chorus as catchy as “Call Me Maybe” with a cute naivety that made that song such a phenomenon, so expect to here this song on repeat.


Geronimo – Sheppard

So catchy it should be a crime, “Geronimo” is an ear worm that will never leave.  After conquering their native Austraila, Sherpard has set their sights on conquering stateside like their fellow Aussies (Sia, Iggy, kinda Lorde).  And with this pounding hook and country twang, they might just do it.


Don’t Wait – Mapei

Mapei is the best of both worlds, she’s Swedish so she comes from the land of great hooks and she’s American, you can tell with this song that bridges the gap between Robyn and Beyonce.  With a thrashing, tropical beat and a bombastic hook, there’s no way not to dance along as the song builds.  It’s great, I can’t recommend this song enough.


Bridge – Broods

Here we are again in the Southern Hemisphere, Broods is a sneaky band that I stumbled on with Spotify radio.  They’re a sibling duo from New Zealand who are good friends with Lorde and worked with her producer (there’s only one producer in New Zealand, I guess?).  They hit all the right notes with a soothing back beat and simmering lyrics.  Great for summer reading.



You might recognize this song, don’t worry if you can’t place it.  It took me like a good thirty minutes before I could figure out it was Cassie’s “You & I” chorus.  The video kind of plays as a runway background, which makes sense because the song makes you feel like Tyra.  You can do anything when this song is playing, walk fierce with your head held high when this comes on.


Cool Kids – Echosmith

I guess sibling groups are just my thing this summer, Echosmith is a sibling back from LA and they’ve crafted a mellow song perfect for pool lounging.  Full of angst with lyrics about never fitting it, it’s the “Pumped Up Kicks” of 2014.  Angsty and mellow, yet you can sing along and just get lost in the landscape of the song.


Gecko (Overdrive) – Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill

The only true jam I have on this list.  With a 90’s House feel and a beat that just won’t quit, Overdrive is a great party-starter.


Go – Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds/ Restart – Sam Smith

Sadly, there’s no videos availible for these songs but they’re the perfect transition into late summer.  Grimes gives you slow elctro-funk that builds then coasts.  A great work-out jam and a great song to play three beers in when you’re tired of turning up but don’t let want to turn down (it’s a Miley thing).  Restart is more of a lighter “Latch” with less disclosure and more Sam Smith heartbreak.  A great mid-tempo song to keep the party going, while still showing your love for Sam Smith.  No one wants to drink to “Stay With Me”.


As always, here’s the Spotify playlist:



Rather Be – Clean Bandit

It won’t be summer until you listen to this song.  Bubbly and effortless, Rather Be blends violin and techno beats in a way that you’ve never heard before.  And yes, the rest of their album is so-so but this song is perfection.


I Got U – Duke Dumont

Yes, another British dance act.  This song has already hit number one in the UK and stateside, but really no poolside party would be complete without this song.


Hideaway – Kiesza

I really can’t even describe this song.  There’s no words to describe how perfect this song is (I might be biased as a 90’s kid), it’s almost too House to function and I loose it every time the deep House and claps hit.



Stay High (Habits Remix) – Tove Lo

Trying to accomplish what Lana Del Rey did last summer, Tove Lo released a remix of her already-suburb song – “Stay High.”  A depressing song about covering up longing with chemical release somehow sounds like a cheerful Summer jam – which really might say more about me than this song.


Chandelier – Sia

To be honest, I was not a fan. At all. I love Sia but this song was a no for me. However.. I gave it another chance and it hasn’t left my brain since.  This is a song I wake up singing and I can’t recommend it enough.


Summer – Calvin Harris

Already a given.  You can’t have a song called “Summer” not in a summer playlist and you can’t have summer without a new Calvin Harris song.  He’s been churning out summer jamz stateside for the past two years and 2014 won’t be any different.


I Will Never Let You Down – Rita Ora

This makes me wanna do the two-hands-praising emoji in real life. That’s all you need to know.  Oh, and her ex Calvin Harris made it so… this is THE SUMMER JAM.


I Luh Ya Papi – J. Lo

I don’t really luh misspelling or any of J. Lo’s last few cd’s, but this song just works.  I wish it climbed the charts but it didn’t and now we can just listen to it and appreciate how redic that title is.


She’s Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer

Okay, I never really got into 1D. They aren’t horrible but I would never buy their CD.  However, 5SOS can have all my money.  They remind me of Fall Out Boy, and as a I was a teenager in 2003, they hit that perfect throwback sound for me.  Not to mention they write catchy hooks and aren’t bad to look at.


Brooklyn Baby – Lana Del Rey

It was so hard to pick one song to include in this list (go buy Ultraviolence, it’s perfect), so I thought what song do I play the most?  “Brooklyn Baby” is the perfect mix of random Lana-ness and joyous sing-along.  Yes, “Pretty When I Cry” might be better but won’t you spin and sing with me to this hipster ode?


100 – Iggy Azealea

Admission of guilt – I added this to just have the queen of summer on the list.  Iggy is the Macklemore/Adele/Lorde of this year, she can’t really do wrong. I love her, her songs are catchy af and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard her other summer songs so enjoy this one before it gets overplayed.


Spotify Link for everyone:



So excited for Girls season 3!


Girls Season 3Girls will resume having angsty, awkward fun this January.

HBO on Wednesday announced that Season 3 of Lena Dunham’s coming-of-age comedy will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 12 with two back-to-back episodes (beginning 10/9c).

Looking HBOThat same night, the cabler will launch its Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson limited series True Detective (9/8c).

VIDEO | Watch the Trailer for HBO’s True Detective 

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Jan. 19, Jonathan Groff’s new gay-centric dramedy Looking will take over the post-Girls slot at 10:30/9:30c.

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Lorde and Haim have both gotten more buzz than most artists get in their whole careers, Hiam is a group of sisters who have spent years trying to build a successful model of writing, playing and eventually releasing their own blend of Cali-rock and Lorde is a 16-year-old from New Zealand who’s become an overnight sensation in America.  She became the first Kiwi to get a number one on the Hot 100 and the youngest woman to top the Alt charts (and the first one to do it since Alanis).  Both have released warmly-received EP’s and both have built up the anticipation around their debuts, but of course, like Katy and Gaga, the indie queens just can’t help but release their albums on the same day.  Competition is good and bad, it gives me more music to enjoy but it also requires me to declare a winner in the newbie battle.

Haim – Days Are Gone

This is a solid effort, each song is a piece in both restraint and going-for-it, they range from 60’s Fleetwood angst to 90’s soul-pop influence.  My favorite songs are Let Me Go, Falling, and Song 5, all for different reasons. Let Me Go is haunting and pleading, yet strong and commanding.  It sounds like a Rumours B-side in a good way.  Falling is the perfect Haim song, if you wanna get someone into this band then play them the sparkling gem.  Song 5 sounds like a Destiny’s Child concert where they decided to play all their own instruments, an amazing song that describes how far out of center Haim can be.  My only downside to this CD is that four of the songs are on the EP’s so fans like me already have and cherish tha jamz, I just wanted four new songs to enjoy.  


Lorde- Pure Herione

Lorde is a baby Lana, a teen who grew tired of the celebrity culture that was talking over her generation so she wrote a crushing song about her feelings and turned it into a pop radio magnet with Kanye-beats.  She writes about things Lana does but in a less bad-boy-destroy-me way, her whole album is covered with a deep bass beat that makes it sound like Yeezus part two more than a 16 year-old girl’s album.  My favorites are Team, 400 Lux and Ribs, my only problem is telling them apart.  Team is gorgeous and the only track on the album that could match Royals’ success, Ribs is more dancey than anything else on the record and 400 lux digs deep into Lorde’s feelings on killing time.  Lorde is relevant and her album is beautiful like a deeper Taylor Swift, where instead of break-ups she’s just singing about feeling useless and unfulfilled. My only issue is that it tended to mix for me and it was a tad short. 


I give Haim the edge but they’re really both winners for me and I can’t wait to see what they do next.


I did a list of books, about three months ago.  Sorry, it’s been so long since posting, I thought to get everything up and going I’m gonna bring back my favorites before I start reviewing new movies.  These are in no particular order because I love them all equally.

Greatest high school movie ever, Winona will always be one of my favorite actresses.  Her performance in this film is dark and perfect like her.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie, The Bride is all you need to know.  Uma is perfection and I don’t think I could be friends with someone who hated these films.

Zach and Natalie.  If you can’t spot the trend, I love movies mostly because of their actors. Storylines are good but special effects mean nothing, I just want to see Natalie and Zach grow before my eyes.  This movie shaped my high school years and it shaped a lot of what I think now.  Life isn’t about getting from point A to point B or even moving along, it’s about finding someone to share the adventure with.

Simply one of the funniest movies ever made, vastly unrecognized but superbly written with biting social commentary.

Inception had some pretty mixed reviews, people either love it or don’t.  I absolutely love it, it has everything: Leo, JGL, Ellen, Marion, twisty plot and Nolan directing.

Grey Gardens was never released in theaters but I still love it so much, Jessica Lange is the greatest but Drew Barrymore was perfection as Edie.